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Debt Management

Debt Management Program
The Consumer Credit Counselors Debt Management Program serves the dual role of assisting you to repay your debts while helping creditors collect funds owed. Through the program creditors are often willing to stop or reduce interest and other fees to those consumers who enroll in the program. The Debt Management plan is an attractive repayment alternative to many consumers in today’s economy.

A certified credit counselor will assist you in evaluating your financial situation. During the counseling session a household budget will be created and assessed. Assets and debts will also be compared to help develop a better understanding of your financial picture. The Counselor will then review your creditors and prepare a repayment play. Your will be provided with an action play was well as all information discussed during the counseling session. This action plan is designed to provide you with alternatives and suggestions that could potentially improve your financial situation.

To learn more about the Debt Management Program or to schedule an appointment with a certified credit counselor contact CCCSWV at 1-800-281-5969. Online counseling is also available.

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