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Saving and Investing

Consumer Credit Counseling’s CheckWi$e program is designed for people who have never has a relationship with a financial institution or for those individuals who may have had problems in the past that are making it difficult to open a new account. The CheckWi$e program teach participants how to choose a financial institution and the right account, avoid costly fees, keep a balanced account, and keep the account safe. Once the CheckWi$e program is completed participants receive a certificate that is presented to a participating bank or credit union. Participants are also registered in a national database that serves as a permanent record of their CheckWi$e information. 

CheckWi$e is often used as a second chance program for those who have lost their checking privileges and will help to re-establish a relationship with a financial institution. Completing CheckWise signals to a bank or credit union that you are taking steps to learn what you need to know to manage an account responsibly.

To learn more about the CheckWi$e Class contact CCCSWV at 1-800-281-5969

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